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Berlin Sony Center

The word is out among production companies about how much easier it can be with the help of a local professional when it comes to managing day-to-day logistics on an international shoot. (and don't just take our word on it here - ask your competitors!). Advance fixing work can mean anything from finding the best deals on hotels and transport to securing any necessary shooting permits, or scouting for the perfect location to fit the story that you have in mind.

We provide the advance prep and the day-to-day, on location support necessary to ensure that a complicated shoot can keep running smoothly... and on time. We know this city and how it works, and no query is too unsual for us. Whether it's a crew of two or twenty, we've fixed it!

* Recce support, locations, permits
* English language voiceover
* Make-up artists
* Teleprompters
* Satellite feeds, mobile uplinks
* Drone operators
* FTP uploads

Berin Alexanderplatz Television Tower