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Berlin Central Station

Berlin TV Pictures was founded in 1999 by cameraman Evan Herrick to fulfill the demand for English-speaking camera crews at TV stations and production companies around the globe coming to Berlin and Germany to shoot.

In 2002, Evan teamed up with Producer-Director Gavin Hodge to co-produce episodes for Discovery Channel's UNSOLVED HISTORY series. Since then, Berlin TV Pictures has helped to direct, produce, and shoot over 20 hours of cable network historical documentaries for US and UK clients alone.

In addition to crewing and producing for documentary, magazine and news programming, we added some other services to our portfolio to include fixing, research, and location scouting. We've also responded to a rise in demand from corporate clients to cover business conferences, conventions, and live events. We are a tigtly-knit group of dedicated professionals, some of us with overlapping abilities, but each with his own specific area of expertise.

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