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Transmission Tower

With the right briefing, we can match your lighting, camera and interview style as if you had shot it yourself – without all those jetlag, travel and hotel costs headaches. The work of a producer or director is the last job a production company will outsource, but in today’s globalized market, it is happening more often than people think.

We will locate and prep your interview partners, and if your production requires more than one crew in the field at a time, provide 2nd unit producer-directors. For German language interviews, we offer simultaneous "to tape" translations into English. And it goes without saying that we help with the more mundane aspects of a shoot, such as handling travel logistics and hotel bookings.

The work of the producer demands the most trust, and we have earned that trust with our long-term clients. Our international client list testifies to the overall success we have had in producing for companies abroad.

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