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Berlin Brandenburg Gate

As a historical city, Berlin's role in the Twentieth Century is second to none. The Third Reich, the Second World War, the Cold War, and the fall of the Berlin Wall - all of these stories retain their fascination to this day for audiences around the world. Our client list in the area of historical documentaries is continually expanding.

Berlin's role as Germany's new capital and seat of government has placed it center stage in European current events. The city's rich history has also helped turn it into a major attraction for tourists worldwide as well as a popular destination choice for travel shows.

Berlin has become the success story of a reunified Germany, and has reestablished its reputation as a center for scientific and medical research. Client commissions for scientific programs have sent us to places like Berlin’s Max Planck Institute, Robert Koch Insititute, Helmholtz Zentrum, Berlin’s Natural History Museum, and Charité Hospital’s Forensic Science Department.

Berlin Bunker

Ground Zero Berlin Shooting Locations
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